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1. Used to describe the greatness of something.
2. A great display of pun after a long period of silence
3. A third party interjection.

Used in reference from the Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls movie
"so what'd you guys think of the movie?" *silence* "Shakaka!"
by L7D June 24, 2006
n; 1.Someone who can't succeed in life.

2.An individual who disgracefully attempts to express their humor or logic using a rather incoherent array of sentences, often followed by a repetitious burst of giggles.

3.Someone who doesnt know what the fuck they are saying.

Antonym: Articulate
What a hairy, cunt-like ertner.
by L7D October 14, 2004
n; A person or thing that often is associated with a brainless walking pigeon fart for brains, who always tries to exceed in becoming the ultimate leader by bossing his friends around whether or not in a sport.
Dude, our captain of the wrestling team was such a moulding.
by L7D October 14, 2004

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