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Something you call someone when you cant think of anything smart to say and want to sound slick.
Guy: Hey man your a dick.
You: Shut up you stupid cock mongerer, why dont you stop mongering with cocks.
by L0nGw@nGe|2 March 27, 2003
A person who not only has a wang but walks around dangling it in the air like he was holding a straw. He looks very much like a miniature ant eater and has the mind of a traveling minstrel.
Joey Stevens.
by L0nGw@nGe|2 March 27, 2003
A fat woman. She is called a hippo because her hip is very much in the shape of a large fat O.
"Your mother....no im just joking please dont hit me.....O dear me."
by L0nGw@nGe|2 March 27, 2003
A rectangle is most commonly found when a person trys to eat to many carrots at once. They get an overflow which causes the rectum to become tangled and mangled.
"Ouch the rectangle is hurting between my legs, Dude."
by L0nGw@nGe|2 March 27, 2003

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