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An uncircumsized penis.
The bearer of an uncircumsized penis.
Stop it you little anteater!
Damn what is that, an anteater in your pants?
by L-Town September 06, 2006
the act of giving, or recieving oral pleasure and not remembering who or when.
Damn that girl Lyndsay is esofoganonomous!
Last night did i get esofoganonomous?
by L-Town September 04, 2006
A term used in reference to a sexually transmitted disease.
A sexually transmitted disease.
Yo dog, you take it easy and watch out for them scrapes!
That bitch gave me the scrapes.
Doctor, i think i got the scrapes.
by L-Town September 12, 2006
A whack ass girl, one who is worthless; ie. cum dumpster.
That Lyndsay girl is a wag.
by L-Town September 04, 2006
when an uncircumsized male uses his thumb and forefinger to pull up the foreskin around his penis making it look like a rose.
My friend showed his girlfriend his Yankee Rose before sex and she freaked out!
by L-Town September 06, 2006
The act getting head,dome,chon chon,oral sex,what wags do on friday nights.
That Lyndsay girl loves to give bo bos.
Bo Bos stat no comit!
by L-Town September 04, 2006
A womans vagina worn on your neck while tossing her salad.
That bitch is kinky she made me wear the neck beard.
by L-Town September 04, 2006
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