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A homosexual who cannot settle for simply being a homosexual. Instead they have to go out of their way to let the whole world know they are Gay in all the most obnoxious of ways, totally oblivious to the fact that we don't live in the 90s anymore and so no one cares if you're Gay anymore.

Instead of being Gay just being a small aspect of what makes them who they are, they use the Gay sexuality and label to completely define who they are, thus leading to them having to constantly come up with ways to rub it in other people's faces that they're gay when, like I said, most people accept it and don't really care.

They are typically always bringing up their sexuality in conversations that don't call for it, always speaking of gay stereotypes as if they were fact, constantly instigating Gay debates with others.

These type of homosexual are the ones that the media pays the most attention to and ironically they do more harm to the reputation of the homosexual population than support it. Its not uncommon that they will be around people that are perfectly fine with homosexuals, but they will annoy these people so much with their constant attempts to make everyone notice they are gay that these perfectly Pro-Gay people will snap on them. Then the Faggot will call the people who snapped at them "Homophobes" when really they just found the guy to be annoying.

Homosexuals are Gay people who are just gay, they like the same sex, that's all there is to it.

A Faggot is a Gay person simply trying way too hard to be "Gay" so they can get attention for it. Negative attention, more often than not, but its usually all the same to them.

Best example: Youtube/Internet Celebrity, Chris Crocker.
1. Always wearing inappropriate shirts with homoerotic sayings on it.

2. Has to wear a Gay Flag colored bracelet or necklace everywhere they go.

3. Has gay Flag stickers on the back of their car.

4. Deliberately acts over-effeminate in public areas making sure to be big enough of a disturbance that everyone will look at him .

5. A faggot purposefully feels the need to conform to every gay stereotype that homophobic people create for him. Pretty much supporting all Gay stereotypes.

6. Thinks anybody who calls them out on their attention-whoring is automatically a "Homophobic person".

7. Seriously can't find anything worth talking about outside of what guy is hot.

8. Has to deliberately announce he is gay at the beginning of every conversation with a new face.

9. Is constantly reminding his friends that he doesn't care what anybody thinks about his sexuality when thats all he ever talks about.

10. Deliberately acts more weak and fickle than he really is to appear more Gay. As if all gays are even like that.

11. Thinks grabbing a random guy's ass at a concert is a "good" idea that only a gay person can get away with.

12. Thinks the straight guy who kicked his ass at the concert for grabbing his butt is homophobic, and not simply offended by having his ass grabbed by a stranger.

13. If its not his display name, he'll usually have things like "I <3 GUYS" "I SUCK PENIS, SO WHAT!" all over his myspace/facebook/whatever.

14. The kind of gay guy who thinks he can "turn straight guys gay", not realizing the nonsense in constantly complaining about straight guys not respecting his sexual orientation but at the same time he's trying to hit on guys who have said they were straight.

15. The guy in the room you just want to yell "OKAY WE GET IT ALREADY, YOU'RE GAY, WE DON'T CARE!"
by L/z July 05, 2009

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Typically someone who, in all the most subtle ways, tries desperately to fit into a certain group of friends. Trying to literally force themselves into a social situation that they simply don't have the social skills for. Usually if the group of friends is in one room and most of the group moves to a different room/table/spot etc. the follower gets up and lingers behind them, usually not knowing where everyone is even going or why. They always follow what everyone is doing but never make any planes for themselves and invite other people along. Followers can also be referred to as Tag-alongs.

When around the group that the Follow is following they are usually left out of the conversation, or the conversation itself usually consist of a topic that they know nothing about so most of the time they sit there with a group of "friends" and say absolutely nothing while pretending to laugh at the inside jokes to which they don't even understand. Some times they'll add their two cents in to the convo but usually that leads to awkward silence followed be an immediate change in subject or they just say something stupid and the rest of the group has to politely ignore it. Most of the time the Follower will barge in any of their conversations with a "What?" or "What are you guys talking about?" and "What’s that?" usually the only things they contribute to the groups convo since they don’t know what the hell anybody is talking about in the group they are trying so hard to fit in with.

The usual people who end up as followers are Dorks attempting to be cool, Posers, Scene kids, and sometimes teens trying to hang out with groups far above their age and maturity level. Sometimes they just simply don’t have the social skills to keep up with the rest of the group.

Aside from barely, if ever at all, being able to contribute to the group’s conversation they usually have absolutely NOTHING to contribute. They never come up with ideas to go anywhere or do anything with the rest of the people they are following... they just follow. If they do come up with something, chances are its going to be something nobody in the group is into.

As members of the group, one after another, disband to go home and call it a day the follower usually waits until its just the follower and the last person of the group and ask "So what do we do now." to which the last member the group will reply "Well <i>I'm</i> going home." and the follow will either say

"Uh... okay well uh... I'll call you tomorrow and see what you guys are up to!"


"Well... CAN I COME TOO!!!"

The latter usually being the typical response.

Unfortunately followers are like bad ex-boy/girlfriends that are still clinging on to you.... they can't take a hint that nobody really wants them around and to just fuck off.

The only way to get rid of a follower tailing your group of friends is to forget about the politeness and tell them straight up, "WE ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS STOP TRYING TO HANG OUT WITH US!" Any other way less direct and in your face than that and the follower will not take the hint, instead they will just ignore you while still following the group you reside in.
Group of friends: Dude a Z28 will smoke a SVT-Cobra anyday!

Group of friends: No way dude! the SVT's supercharged! Ford Mustang all the way!

Follower: HAHHAHA like, yeah but a Helichopper will beat both those cars!!!111!1one!!

Group of friends: ...

Group of Friends: ...So anyway, the movie starts at 2pm guys, we need to find a ride.

Follower: O RLY!?! What movie!!!?!

Group of friends: ...Terminator.

Follower: OOH YEAAAH!! The one coming out with all the hot girls and special powers. I heard that movie rOX!!

Group of friends: No dude... thats not the right movie....

Follower: Oh uh HAHAH! well it should be cool anyway, I better get me a ticket too, did you guys say 2pm?

group of Friends: *Sigh* >_>
Group of Friends: *Talks amongst each other for a good hour*

Follower: *Stands next to them the whole time remaining silent while staring at everyone talking.*
by L/z August 22, 2009

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