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A Band Who's Vocal Style emulates the gutteral vocal tonality of a Donkey or Other Load Bearing Creature.

Most often found in Medium Tempo Moderate Rock Bands.
Steven: Jimmy have you heard the new Donkey Vocals of Rock Compulation?

Jimmy: No Dude, Whos on it?

Steven: Seven Mary Three, Staind, Three Doors Down, Nickelback, Creed, Puddle of Mud, and More

by Kylemotron May 17, 2008
Drinking Water out of a 40oz bottle that Alcohol was originally in.

For those that can't afford bottled water and/or a Nalgene

Tip: Use a Darker bottle to make your "Water 40" appear to be real Alcohol.

"Yo Bro can I get a Swig of that King Cobra 40 oz"
"DUDE This Aint No Beer, it's a Damn Water 40"
by Kylemotron June 15, 2008
A Slang Term for the Recreational Drug Known as Marijuana, Weed, Pot etc..
The First time Jerry smoked the Dubyah was with Travis Barker when he still drummed for the Aquabats.
by Kylemotron September 23, 2007
Walking Around Money
My Grandmother Gave me some WAM and dropped me off at the Arcade so I can play Mortal Combat and Street Fighter.
by Kylemotron April 13, 2008
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