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When one begins to feel awkward around a group of people and gives a little yawn when approaching the group possibly as an effort to pass time. For example, when you walk on to an elavator with a group of random people. 8 person parties. random car rides.
That guy in the car totally gave the awkward yawn earlier.
by Kyle McDouche July 01, 2009
We've all seen it. some embrace it and some choose to ignore it. During a pornographic film, every now and then there's a Caucasian man that looks completely normal, but is just a little bit different than the rest of us. normal white male haircut, skin tone, voice. everything is average except for his penis. its an irregular shade of brown. take a moment of your time one day and you'll see what i mean.
Great guy, friend of the family, mows my grandmothers lawn... guys got the brown dick.
by Kyle McDouche July 01, 2009
You know... poke her a new one. Per say youre really horny... your buddys keep on eggin you on and eventually you go off with that girl thats maybe only a 7 at best. you guys get hot and heavy and you let your fingers and/or shaft do the work. You do it and you do it well. therefore you poke her a new one.
Johnny: You guys seen carl anywhere?

Group: Oh man he took stacy upstairs. He said he was gonna poke her a new one.
by Kyle McDouche July 01, 2009

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