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Trigga is used to define someone who is a 100% Homie G nigga.
From my heart to the trigga you my fuckin nigga.
by kyle January 29, 2005
The biggest colombian cocaine distributor of all time, know for ruthlessness. Named the 7th richest man by forbes magazine in his prime, and in general was a fuckin beast
They brought in a man in a chevy blazer, when he got out, Pablo got up and exceuted him and then asked me what i wanted for dinner.
by kyle April 04, 2005
An infamoes restraunt located in all corners of the world where people eat, get fat, sue for thousands of dollars, and then use that money to eat more McDonalds.
I'm going to eat at McDonalds, get fat, and then sue them. Then I'll be able to afford more food McDonalds! I hear they just invented the quadruple double-quarter pounder!!
by Kyle February 16, 2005
Language or special words that the locals speek in the area u are in.
try to speak the lingo right while we are in autralia.
by kyle August 24, 2004
1. New Jersey's state name
2. A great and quirky independent film that turned out to be a surprising hit.
I need to visit New Jersey. And Garden State is a great film.
by Kyle March 09, 2005
A TV series on FX that centers on a morally-challenged LA cop named Vic Mackey. But there's stories that focus on other cops as well in the precinct, besides Vic, which makes the show even more compelling.

It maybe a cable show, but you'll be surprised by the high level of intensity on this show.

It's TV-MA for it's brutal violence, profanity and moments of nudity and sex. Certainly one of the best shows TV has to offer.
Season 4 starts in March. Whoo-hoo!
by Kyle January 29, 2005
An FX show about post-9/11 firefighters in New York. Denis Leary plays Tommy, a veteran firefighter who can't seem to move on after splitting up with his wife and the tragedy involving 9/11. It's a great show that combines tragedy with gut-busting laughs. You already know Leary is a funny guy, but he proves to be a talented actor (and writer) as well.
FX has done some great shows; The Shield, Nip/Tuck and now Rescue Me.
by Kyle January 29, 2005
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