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1 - Yellow food on cob.
2 - Digestion timing device. Simply see how much time passes from corn digestion to seeing it in the toilet.
3 - Elvis's last word.
1 - I will have the 32 oz. Porterhouse, rare, with mashed potatoes and corn.
2 - A healthy person's digestive system will pass corn in 12 to 24 hours.
"Look daddy! There's a smiley face on that poopie!"
"Yes, son. It's made of corn."
3 - "WTF?! CORN?!?" *GASP* *DEATH*
by Kuzin Rob July 16, 2003
1 - Expression of happiness, approval, satisfaction. Like finding the bonus round Minus World in Super Mario Bros.

2 - An addition to an already great thing.

See bonus.
See ziing.
See w00t.
1 - A: Dude! I found the minus world in Super Mario Bros!

2 - Alright! Got my Iron Maiden tickets! But a nice batch of backstage passes would be total bonus round!
by Kuzin Rob June 18, 2003
Exclamation denoting happiness, approval, satisfaction, coolness, bonus round. THE EXTRA I MEANS EXTRA ZING!

See pokey
See refreshing
"Fuze is playing a show at Glen Cove Bowl Friday, June 13th! ZIING!"
by Kuzin Rob June 11, 2003

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