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Sexual act defined by the consumption of a large steak, preferably medium rare and USDA Prime, from a plate resting on the lower back of a female partner while in the doggy style position.

More advanced purveyors will usually include a side salad and the use of a utility belt to hold various condiments and a remote control.

When properly executed (Pointed in the direction of a flat screen television during Sportscenter) the male participant may reach a peaceful state of being that is free from craving, anger and other afflicting states, otherwise known as Nirvana.

Willing female participates are few and far between, so one must use the utmost skill, tact and timing to introduce the Porterhouse into their sexual routine.
It was my Birthday and a playoff game so Tessa let me throw down the Porterhouse. She even ran the remote.
by MayhemInMayberry June 30, 2010
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A term used by hair stylist to describe the size of a gentleman's package while hanging out at the pool in Vegas.
"That's quite a porterhouse that guy is packing over there."
by Hair Cut May 07, 2005
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It's like a donkey punch, except you hit to kill
Hey, did you hear Joseph is going to jail? He gave some bitch a porterhouse and got caught.
by SNRrh January 14, 2011
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