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The thing speaks for itself. Legal term for something which is self-evident.
"They misunderestimate me." -- George W. Bush
by Kurtz February 10, 2004
That Q-Tip stuck up the urethra to either detect or ointment-treat a venereal disease. Also used as a proper noun insult.
Don't call Don a douchebag. That's insulting to people who douche. Don is a goddamned VD Swab, and a terrible human being to boot.
by kurtz December 30, 2014
When the pleasure derived from the misfortune of others crosses over to pity.
Did you hear about the Red Power Ranger? He stabbed his roommate to death. With a sword. Over an argument. Schadenfrown....

Oh, that 2nd Amendment Advocate's child shot himself with his parent's poorly secured gun. Schadenfrown...
by kurtz February 04, 2015
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