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a request to wait
Whoa, hold your horses there, big guy. We're not leaving yet.
by KungFoolio March 31, 2004
Acne between a chicks tits, or chest in general. see BACKNE, CRACKNE
Fat chicks' cleavage is prone to rackne.
Nice tits, but a little rackne.
by kungfoolio October 29, 2003
Acne in one's butt crack, or ass in general. see BACKNE, RACKNE
Wash your greasy booty, or you're gonna get crackne.
by kungfoolio October 29, 2003
A Casual Lunch on a Friday.
Ellison said "Hey MJ,are you down for the feasy tomorrow?"
by Kungfoolio August 29, 2012
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