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When it is acceptable for a party to lie about what they did because the truth would hurt too much and cause many problems.
Plausible deniability is a larger version of a white lie.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004
Piss water recovered from rampjaar
Since 1672 the dutch have been bottling seawater and selling it as beer.

"Have you got anything other than heineken?"
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 15, 2004
Jargon, used playfully to prevent outsiders from intercepting the actual meaning. It is a contraction for "slandering", whereby colloqial words with meanings unknown to the one being slandered (but known to other people). This prevented legal action or apologies. It also allowed someone to insult an authority figure to his face without suffering punishment for it.
I don't use a great deal of modern day slang in my speech, but we all use slang created by shakespeare, eh?
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 05, 2004
Financially the largest class. All the main money makers. At the bottom are those in well paid jobs, at the top are multi-millionaires working huge amounts who will become new money
Middle classes in western nations have more money than the upper classes when combined, and more than the lower classes.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
Extolling/defaming a cause to people convinced of it's greatness/horridness. Etymology is obviously from christian church choirs.
Playmate: Sex sells
Hugh H: Preaching to the choir.
by Kung-fu Jesus July 27, 2004
Misspelling or mispronounciation fo dago
Stupid daygos.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 05, 2004
Chinaman born about 500B.C. who is revered by military fantasists and qouted by athletes because he wrote a book about common sense and simple thinking.
A: The enemy has surrounded us 10:1, what should we do?
B: I'll check what Sun Tzu said to do

*some time later*

A: well?
B: It says if you are surrounded 10:1, then retreat. We know what we have to do, so that means we have won half the battle already!

*in the time it took to read this the enemy kill everyone*
by Kung-fu Jesus July 16, 2004

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