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A measure of Narcisism.
Narcisists rule!
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004
(n.) British brand of small sports car, usually driven by women. 0-60 in about 5 seconds, the best handling ever all for the price of a cheap maercedes. Downside is that they usually devalue quickly because of shoddy manufacturing, and become a burden to keep running after ten years.
The Lotus Esprit s1 went underwater in the 007 movie.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 09, 2004
(n.) a social gathering, where many people will take thier families along to eat pre-cooked food outdoors

(v.) to participate in a picnic as defined above.
Apparantly, the source of the word picnic is "pick a nigger", where after eating, sack-races and incestous activity, the redneck community of the southern United States would randomly pick an enslaved black person to abuse and lynch.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 28, 2004
For one to spill one's guts is to make a babbling and unconcise statement or speech that is so diluted with bullshit/assfacts/nonsense that it resembles non-projectile vomit:- the infectious material or foreign body is dismissed along with plenty of internal material that is not wanted.
Don't spill your guts on the best man's speech like you did at the rehearsal, and don't get drunk until you've made it.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 28, 2004
(v.) To hide the fact you sold out rather well by saying "Fuck the transnational record company that is paying me lots" and calling it "lyrics".

(n.) 90's band who captivated audiences with catchy tunes and a communist agenda. Those who are not tools of the liberal media will notice that thier lyrics and political ideas are absolute shit, while they are highly marketable because the average metal fan goes through a stage in thier early teens where they believe communism will save the world from the people they hate.
"Fuck the rich coporations" is what the say, but they end it at giving head.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 07, 2004
(Idiom noun) Where the little linkin park kiddies with girlfriends bigger than they are start to hump eachother and get hurt. They pretend these wounds were inflicted by some big fight. The truth is, that if anyone who is not some ghey little nu-metal fan gets in the pit, they knock the living shit out of everyone, including the scrawney singers, security and road crew.
The mosh pit is the dumbest fucking idea ever. It is for people too cowardly to get in a real fight. The pit sucks my dingdong.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 05, 2004

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