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NW. DC slang for head or dome , blow job.
That bitch can give some vicious top piece!:O-
by Kung Fu Rick November 02, 2003
to get an erection, stiffy,boner, hard on, woody!
Im gonna catch a charge, lookin at all these girls!!!!
by Kung Fu Rick November 02, 2003
The spotlight on the side of a cop car, because they always shine it on your dome.
I was rollin this blunt and this cop rolled through and posted his dome light in my grill
by Kung Fu Rick November 16, 2003
a piece of shit car, not worthy of bearing an American Car Manufacturers name--Let it be known, they are the worst cars made on any continent and Im glad some people buy them because it weeds out all of the assholes in the world. God Bless GM especially Chevrolet
phord mustang, phord pinto, phord crown victoria, phord probe<-ha ha, etc.
by Kung Fu Rick November 02, 2003
(Hoop-D) DC term for ANY big, long AMERICAN automobile, preferably a GM car (Cadi, Chevy etc); MUST have tinted windows so the cops can't see what your smokin, MUST have a system, MUST have rims that cost more than the car itself, usually occupied by either blacks, hispanics or both.
Nuff said. Go REDSKINS
by Kung Fu Rick November 02, 2003
NW DC slang for head, top piece, dome, suckin dick!!
That white bitch gives good skull cap
by Kung Fu Rick November 02, 2003
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