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3 definitions by Kunami Mata

noun -- a nasal sound made while eating and breathing at the same time; a sound made while consuming edibles; a disturbing, aural display of food consumption
i.e. Dude, that snarfle you just made sounded fucking sick. Don't snarfle like that anymore, dude. - snar·fl·er; snar·fl·ee
by Kunami Mata June 01, 2005
a·roo (ah-roo) interj. -- an expression of bewilderment and/or curiousity; an exclamation of overwhelming confusion; an all encompassing query
Chloe: "I think Eric drank all my shampoo."

David: "Aroo?"
by Kunami Mata September 22, 2006
snar·fle (snahr-fel) verb -- to eat recklessly; the act of consuming edibles in a quick and careless manner; a full-jawed munching
i.e. Give her a cookie to snarfle. - snar·fl·ing; snar·fled
by Kunami Mata June 01, 2005