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USA means U Suck Ass, often times chanted at sports games when "boo" is not permitted.
*The Blazers miss a basket*

Crowd: USA! USA! USA!
by Kulawend August 14, 2007
20 dollars worth of marijuana.
It is also Bud backwards.
I was waiting for a dub to come.
by Kulawend January 31, 2009
A radio station in the Portland, Oregon area that plays all kinds of rock/metal.
"The only radio station worth listening to around here is KUFO."
by Kulawend August 14, 2007
A Jewish girl on the Adam Carolla Show, all she does is laugh at jokes.
Is Teresa Strasser even in the studio? I haven't heard her speak for like 30 minutes!
by Kulawend August 14, 2007

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