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A fan of the British rock band, Placebo.

Placebotics of or related to Placebo fandom

related terms Placeboism
Melody is such a hardcore Placebot she changed her last name to Nelson.

she makes her own Placebotic outfits with her favorite lyrics on the clothes!
by kukukuchu March 12, 2009
A term derived from frequently seen street signs outside of adult clubs in urban Japan referring to things with explicit content especially of a sexual nature.
That movie had a little too much free information for my mum to handle.
by Kukukuchu March 12, 2009
A large, strong, sexually attractive woman. A big bird* (see definition for bird)
I was at the gym the other day and there was a blonde moa doing squats.
by Kukukuchu March 12, 2009
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