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A good looking actor who does his best work when playing crazy people and/or fighters (see Twelve Monkeys, Fight Club and Snatch). Is about to have the most beautiful baby in the world.
Why should you see Fight Club? Two words: Brad Pitt.
by Kschenke March 04, 2006
Paris Hilton without Makeup is the grossest thing ever.
Did you see that picture of Paris Hilton without Makeup? I almost threw up.
by Kschenke March 04, 2006
Jessie Cowell, the director of the independent film Shades of Grey. Also the star of "Jeskid TV".
Jeskid has a new video out.. I think he dances in this one.
by Kschenke April 16, 2006
Car used by pimps. Also, one of the most frequently said words by Bender Bending Rodreguiez
He's trading in his Chevy for a Pimpmobile.
by Kschenke March 04, 2006

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