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A bad girl gone good. She cares about people. She is someone we should all try to emulate.
I'm glad she's so kind
by KroSS October 04, 2004
it actually means she is sucking you deep throat. otherwise she wouldn't actually have your nuts on her chin.
sista if u suck on my dick i'll put my nuts on your chin
by KroSS October 07, 2004
a machine used to get a woman off. Usually has a dildo on the end of it.
I knew becky was a freak when I saw her sex machine.
by KroSS October 07, 2004
individual(s) who pick up your trash. If left out on a certain day each week.
Hey don't forget to put out the garbage for the garbage man.
by KroSS November 15, 2004
plain and simple: when two chicks rub their pussies together by straddling one another. very pleasureable.
I know Mindy and Angela were donut bumpin' that bed was soaked.
by KroSS September 23, 2004
where an orgy is held, my friend alex made it up. We were at an orgy and he said there is a complete sex pool in the master bedroom.
Jamie: Hey roscoe my parents are out of town lets call some people up and make this place a sex pool.
by KroSS September 15, 2004

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