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A really cool band which comes from Las Vegas Nevada. Somebody told me is a really good song, and if you've never heard of them check them out at mtv.com
Somebody told me
that you have a boyfriend
who looks like a girlfriend
that I had in february of last year
by Kristina Delonge June 21, 2004
One of the best bands ever! The lead singer has an incredibly high vocal range, which makes them unique.
To anyone that says they suck
"FUCK YOU, coheed and cambria rock!"
by Kristina Delonge June 05, 2004
A great metal band! Their c.d. the curse is one of the best in my collection.
check them out, it's something worth listening to!
by Kristina Delonge July 18, 2004
A kickass black metal band from Norway. They have tons of cd's out (my personal favorite is puritanical euphoric misanthropia). They have a lead singer to die for who's name is shagrath and They were on ozzfest 2004, currently they're taking a 2 year break (yes I know, so sad. :(... but then they'll be back cause the battle rages on and on.
They also did the theme song for that show on mtv. Battle for ozzfest.
by Kristina Delonge November 15, 2004
There's only one thing I can say about her... At least she's better than Avril Lavinge, mostly cause she writes her own music.
At least she doesn't claim to be punk... maybe there's hope for her after all...
by Kristina Delonge November 15, 2004
A great band. With a kick ass lead singer. Their genre is post grunge. Which is cool, because I'm a big fan of grunge music. It sucks that Ben left the band. They've had 2 albums out, and they came to their height of popularity in march of '03 when bring me to life was released. Though they are still very popular.
I was a fan of 12 stones, so I heard the duet that evaneacence did with them. I liked Bring me to life a lot. I heard the song on WWE Raw, a month before it was released.
by Kristina Delonge July 02, 2004
One of the greatest Metal bands ever. I've never been a fan of CHris Jericho, but his bands rocks!
If you've never heard them go to fozzyrock.com
by Kristina Delonge July 02, 2004
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