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A bid farewell. Originally referring to a hope that one encounters good fortune and that they are able to find time to play or twirl.
Kristiana: Be good and twirl!
Shaun: Be good and twirl!
by Kristiana October 17, 2006
1. Game over.
2. Nothing more to add / say.
Retarded high school girl #1: I hope this dress looks good enough?
Retarded high school girl #2: Shut the gate! You look HOT!
Retarded high school girl #3: Yeah, tots.
by Kristiana November 05, 2007
1. Alternative word for 'fuck'.
2. Substitute swear word.
After hammering my thumb I yelled out "DOUBLE FRICTION" to avoid cussing.
by Kristiana November 05, 2007
Attractive. Derived from the word 'moist'. Used to describe an attractive person who makes you feel moist.
Retarded school boy #1: Wow, look at her...
Retarded school boy #2: ...oist...
by Kristiana November 05, 2007
adj. An emphasis of something occurring or having occurred that was predictably unpredictable and absolutely amusing.
Thashawna: Me, the Aussie and Jessica went to Muscle Beach and discovered some friendly randoms fire twirling, juggling and hula hooping. We joined in and when I called out to the Aussie to show off my hooping talent my boob did a peek-a-boo from behind my bikini...
Lena: Ha! Very kristiana
The Aussie: It was so funny!
Thashawna: No, it was very embarrassing. Okay, a little funny.
The Aussie: Especially when it happened again later.
Lena: Double k!
by Kristiana October 17, 2006

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