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A black person that is considered to be a 'Nigger'. This is not to be confused with a regular Black Person that is not a nigger.
You see those Black Niggers downtown? They are crackheads that shot each other over crack. Those Black Niggers are dangerous and retarded.
by Kraldasicko August 18, 2012
The act of a homosexual becoming open about his/her sexuality towards the same gender.
Did you hear? Jeff is coming out of the closet! This means he won't need to hide his feelings towards men anymore.
by Kraldasicko August 16, 2012
A nigger that is a towering height of 6' 6" to 7' 2". They weight in at 300 lbs - 450 lbs. Fat or Muscle.
Damn! Look at Tyrone! He's one of them Big Niggers!
by Kraldasicko August 18, 2012
The act of peeing in someone's rectum, usually while having anal sex (mainly gay). The Penis then becomes 'Pickled' due to it being stuck in an anus with urine.
1. Bob pissed in John's asshole and made a pickled dick.

2. Suzzie got mad when Eric accidentally urinated in her butt while having anal sex for making a pickled dick
by Kraldasicko August 18, 2012

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