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The act of inserting a foot into a female sex organ, which can lead to severe twat foot
"I walked in on my father twat footing the dog last night"
by KraJ February 03, 2007
A foot covered in twat slime and thus has the odour about it of twat
Daughter: "Mother, your foot smells rather fishy today"
Mother: "Yes, I'm suffering from a severe case of twat foot"

Albert: "My word Henry, you have extraordinarily bad twat foot today"
Henry: "Indeed, I was up twat footing all night with Gloria"
by KraJ February 03, 2007
the twat of an aristocrat and is therefore rather posh
"this is some vintage twat"
"yeah, its aristrotwat"
by KraJ February 03, 2007
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