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Arguing with any troll for any length of time will in turn make you a troll as well.
There are no exceptions to this rule.
P1: Puppies are cute.
Troll 1: puppies are not cute, they are gross and dirty.
P2: well you're dirty and gross T1.
P1: Um P2? Rule 83...
by Korana February 03, 2009
If there's a rule, someone doesn't know it, will google it, will ask what it is, will be called a n00b, or will say that the person who cited it is a moron, idiot, or some other term of negativity.
Person 1: That pic is so Rule 34.
Person 2: what's Rule 34? (doesn't know, and asks what it is)
Person 1: If it exsists, there is porn of it.
Person 2: That's not true. I'll google it. (goes and googles it.)
Person 1: It is true, isn't it n00b.
Person2: jerk.

Rule 9002.
by Korana February 02, 2009
Any and all buttons, valves, switches, latches, or anything else may be pushed or turned more than once until one is certain that all buttons, valves, switches, latches, etc, has been pushed at least once each.
Janes sees a panel with many buttons on it and pushes a random button before systematically going down the lines and pushing all of the buttons once. She Rule 86'd the panel.
by Korana February 02, 2009
Similar to Rule 34 and 88
If it exists there is, or will be pie of it.
J: I feel like pie.
K: Okay, cherry pie? Apple?
J: No, I feel like... J pie.
K: okay, here, step into this pie tin and put this cream on yer head. J ala Pie. You've been Rule 3.14'd.
by Korana February 03, 2009
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