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An extremly lazy person. Lays around all day. Nothing to do. No where to go. Nothing but time on their hands. Someone who usually doesn't get dressed on a Saturday afternoon.
Jonathon and Steven laze around all day like big fat bulumpalumps.
#lazy #bored #bum #lackadasical #procrastinator #comatose #slothful
by KoolKatx3 January 03, 2008
A boy genius, book wise, a scholar, but lacks social skills and common sense.
Someone who is very smart when It comes to school, but doesn't have manners or common sense. Tends to be rude and tempremental when deprived of his own way.

"You're such a honzik."
#genius #intelligent #arrogant #unsociable #anti-social
by KoolKatx3 January 03, 2008
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