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The after effects of eating your girls pussy. The wet, sticky sauce that is left shimmerring on your face after cunnilingis.
God damn, where's my sunglasses? Your face is so shiny, you must have been eatin' pussy for a week solid !
by Kool Kolino January 01, 2005
A combination of both the aroma and taste of a womens genitals. Logically this sensation can range from pleasurable to a fate worse than death - depending on bathing habits, diet, rectum bleaching etc. etc.
God damn, that was some sweet 'tang - Got her just as she was gettin' out the 'tub. I sucked her pussy 'till her head caved in.
by Kool Kolino January 01, 2005
Any person or vehicle that has sustained rear end damage.
Honey, change lanes; that car has been Liberaced.
by Kool Kolino January 01, 2005
Toilet paper for the poor.
Dagnamit, use both sides of the rectum rag, ya idjit.
by Kool Kolino January 02, 2005
A handy method of transferring semen from your bedroom to the bathroom without actually leaving the room. Not akin to 'sperm bank' or the like which is more for plural transportation / storage of fluids. A human vessel.
My girl can't cook, clean, earn a living or nuthin'. Just a recepticle is all she ever be, Holmes.
by Kool Kolino January 02, 2005
A person of distinctly ugly appearance. Really grotesque facial features. Often associated with fuglies
Yo, that dude's got a head like a kicked in rubbish tin
by Kool Kolino January 02, 2005
1)Any subservient, easily manipulated person. Usually associated with the male gender.
2) Any person who will do anything to get what they want.
3)A person without morals, scruples etc.
Hey, check out the new General Manager. He's only 23 years old; what a cock scoffer.
by Kool Kolino January 02, 2005
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