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Product Denial Syndrome is best described as when someone buys a bad product, but deludes him/herself into thinking it's better than it really is. Often found in children with lack of a steady allowance.
"Bob just bought that crappy new headset microphone. He has Product Denial Syndrome."
#syndrome #denial #unresponsible #crappy #product denial sindrome #crock of shit
by Kookygoose April 19, 2009
The Page 3 Effect is the phenomenon that on any online forum large enough, almost any thread will be derailed by page 3. Occurs most often in threads about touchy subjects, both serious (politics, AIDS, etc.) to stupid (Which class is overpowered in TF2, meme's, general flaming, etc.)
"Hey man, what happened to my thread?"

"Oh, it got locked because the Page 3 Effect kicked in."
#forum #page #3 #effect #page 3 effect #4chan #facepunch #/b/ #flame #flameing #shitstorm #meme's
by Kookygoose May 14, 2009
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