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A gamer who maintains loyalty to one system no matter what. Video game system FanBoys hate systems that are not their own. FanBoys are annoying and refuse to conceed to valid points made in defence of other consoles, and talk about their console of choice as if it is the only logical choice. AKA Eric
'My friend, Eric, goes by the alias 'Nintendofreak' and insists that the world would end without Nintendo. What a fanboy. He needs to just simmer and realise that there are games on other systems worth playing, regardless of what circuit board or buttons are running it.'
by Kokomo_man February 06, 2005
A brand of magic that goes beyond the bounds of normal magic. Akin to space magic, this kind of magic is more powerful and more incredible than regular magic.
Person 1: See? It's magic...

Person 2: Super magic?

Person 1: It's magic, it doesn't need to be super...
by Kokomo_man February 06, 2005
An urgent emergency, uncommon in its usage, as the word emergency normally implies a fair amount of urgency. However, the phrase was originally coined because the word emergency did not cover the full extent of the urgency implied.
Jason emurgently pushed his way throught the crowd to his dying wife.
by Kokomo_man February 06, 2005
A contraction of the 3 separate words: it is not. Can be used in an argument to quickly gain the upper hand. A "yes-it-is, no-it-isn't" argument is quickly settled with this quick and convenient word.
Person 1: "yes, it is!"

Person 2: "no, It's'nt!"
by Kokomo_man February 06, 2005
A videogame enthusiast who does not care what system he/she is playing on, as long as the game in question is both fun (read: controls well, intrigueing and inventive gameplay, ect.) and challenging. A hardcore gamer realises that there is merit to many games on a variety of systems and often owns all of the currently available systems.

One variation on this term would be Insane hardcore gamer: A gamer who owns as many videogames as he/she can possibly get his/her hands on, often never finishing even half of what he/she owns, and also seeking out deals on famous/favourite/rare games just so that they can be added to his/her collection.
Jerry is a hardcore gamer, and owns over 200 games on 9 systems. He is always looking to expand his collection.
by Kokomo_man February 06, 2005

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