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When one presses one's foot against another person's crotch really hard. Usually when the other person is on the floor, and the standing person holds both legs.

Source of the term unknown. A variant where both are lying down is known as the Japanese Gas Pedal]
"Ugh, John just gave me a chinese gas pedal and my weiner hurts now."
by Koby_Fish January 19, 2012
A person who sleeps in on Sunday morning, especially if they do so to skip church.
Jamie is a total St. Mattress worshipper.
by Koby_Fish August 17, 2007

To save up one's money in a multiplayer computer game (such as World of Warcraft or Defense of the Ancients Allstars) and buy a single item that costs a lot of money, BEFORE spending money earlier on any cheaper items that are needed more urgently earlier on.
I can't believe Razor would n00b up a Sacred Relic (costs 3800)! He doesn't even have Boots of Speed (costs 500) yet!

by Koby_Fish September 16, 2005
In Warcraft III (Reign of Chaos or The Frozen Throne), the practice of attacking the opponents base using only your hero (and any summoned units, if the hero is a summoner of some kind). Mostly prevalent in multiplayer games when there are multiple allies, thus maximizing the effect. In a Hero Rush, the opponent's workers are usually targeted first. The purpose of a hero rush is to strike early to gain a huge (and hopefully insurmountable) advantage.
Red and Pink are doing a Hero Rush on Teal. TP (teleport/town portal) to Teal now.
by Koby_Fish July 12, 2004
To possess the ability to consume food that would make most other people sick, or at least make them want to throw up just thinking about eating whatever it is. Based off the fact that dogs can eat just about ANYTHING, including rotting meat, without getting sick.
"Wow, you're eating Lee's Chicken? You must have a stomach like a dog!"
by Koby_Fish March 14, 2008

A pornographic fictional story, often in the genre of fan fiction. Because it is porn, it is NWS. Usually describes a story that has a lot of descriptions of humanlike acts for characters that are not human.
If you're easily squicked out, don't read that stickyfic.
by Koby_Fish May 29, 2006
to have bad cards turned up in Texas Holdem poker.
player1 wins with 2 pair
player 2 has nothing
Player1: Flop trash more plz.
Player2: STFU!!!
by Koby_Fish April 17, 2006

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