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Geek slang for "Bros before Hoes". MMORPG players will often throw this as a trump card when you are trying to spend time with your chick instead of raiding.
Duke: Hey Jim, the raid starts at 8:00ET motherfucker, log your ass in!

Jim: Can't make it tonight, I promised Karen I would watch Sense and Sensibility with her this evening.

Duke: What the fuck man! Brethren before wenches!

Jim: Yeah, you're right. Give me 10 minutes to pick a fight with her and I'll be on.
by Koban December 10, 2009
A euphemism for engaging in sexual escapades with a female of dubious moral character. Just as with a real life swamp, if you don't wear some form of protection, there's no telling what sort of diseases you might catch.
Leliana: "She was...you are...you're giving her...I mean, you're wading through her swamp!"

Warden: "Are you jealous? I could wade through yours if you'd like"
by Koban December 28, 2009
An unkempt, hairy pussy, that is so thick that you can't actually see the genitalia.
I planned on going down on Amy last night until I pulled down her panties and saw her tomato patch.
by Koban November 22, 2009
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