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The Cardinal is a majestic being. He is intangible, yet will take blow jobs from the most attractive of females. His title is riddled with irony as he is actually a bad-ass mother fucker and is often referred to as Cardinal Mad-Fuck. He has been known to take on the form of a Grizzly Bear at the week-ends so he can basically just wreck cunts.

Nick Cave based his songs "Stagger Lee" and "O'Malley's Bar" on The Cardinal.

The Cardinal hangs out at Club Trax. He wines and dines on only the finest food and drink (kebabs and barricks). He hangs with only the freshest niggas in the hood (The Hurricane, Spicey, Mr. Allen, The Young Fuck and co.). He has been known to indulge in a bit of recreational drug use and highly recommends Northern Lights weed.
I heard The Cardinal is gonna be here tonight...

That mad bastard? Get a pad-lock on your girl's minge, that boyo is always knee-deep in CLUNGE
by KneeDeep September 08, 2010
When a group of homeless men proceed to ejaculate onto a impressive ginger beard
(Ronzo) What are you doing tonight
(Kadin) I'm going to be the centre piece for a desert fever party
by kneedeep September 17, 2015

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