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Pronounced "yuh-fien-kd". A term used to describe a bad situation.
Similar to saying "you're up shit creek without a paddle".
guy1: "Aww damn dude, we got an eviction notice!"

guy2: "Shit! And we don't have gas money to get to work because you got that damn 52" JVC HDTV!"

guy that's not on the lease and who's name isn't on any bill (me): "Now Yaphinked!"
by KloroFormd February 12, 2006
Used in the case you see a girl with a supermodel face, but when she smiles, you swear she's got a tub of margarine's worth of yellow goo on her teeth.
Damn she was beautiful... buttergrille (but her grille) was nasty...
by KloroFormd August 06, 2006

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