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The use of ebonics by Asians, Koreans in particular. Literally, Fresh-Off-The-Boat-Onics
"What up foo?"
"What up?"

Dude, those guys are totally speaking Fobonics.
by K.puff May 22, 2007
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The literal translation of chinese into english and cultural point of view, promoted by the The Fobonics Institute, headed by the esteemed Curtis Fong, to promote awareness of the Fobonics language and deep cultural roots
Fobonics Phrase: All your base are belong to us -
by Klaatu December 05, 2004
foreigners trying to speak english.

see ebonics, fob.
sanchez: "look at black man he speak a funny man".
james: "atleast he don't speak fobonics!"
by Mohammed Ahmed August 17, 2004

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