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a girl that is ready to fuck anytime, anywhere, in any occasion.

The girl that usually takes one for the team
Sally, i guess youll have to be the pus-in-boots tonight. We are having some guys over and they are bringing an extra friend.
by Kitie Write February 26, 2010
A bed that has seen a lot of pus or johnsons without having the sheets washed.
I went over some strippers house a couple weeks ago and noticed that one of them had a fuck-bed supreme
by Kitie Write February 26, 2010
When someone thinks that you have a car, but indeed you do not
Jill asks Sarah if she wants to go out. Sarah is like sure, see you at 11. When Jill shows up, they begin to walk. Sarah notices that that they have been walking for a long time. Sarah then asks Jill, "hey, where's your car?" Jill replies, "Oh, you thought I had a car? So youre one of those car insinuators? We were just gonna walk down to 5 points to go get sloppy drunk and maybe hitch a ride back." Sarah, "Oh..."
by Kitie Write March 08, 2010
When a freshman guy or girl has sex with 15 people during their freshman year.
Sally: Yeah, ive already had my freshman 15
Dee: You mean you gained 15 pounds?
Sally: No i mean ive done 15 guys
Dee: Oh. Youre done
by Kitie Write February 13, 2010
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