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A ridiculous sleep walking incident that involves running around, planking, and plunging toilets while asleep. More than likely performed by a northern European female.
"Did you see that girl sleepwalking last night? She covered herself in band-aids then danced around looking for Santa Claus. It was a total Vilija!"
by KitaPuse August 18, 2011
Lithuanian for "war" or the month of "March".

It is also an uncommon Lithuanian name for a male. Often when one introduces themselves with this name, they are laughed at and asked, "wait, no seriously?"
"Jis nuejo i kova, apgint mus nuo presiu"

"Labas, mano vardas Kovas" ...."Kovas?? hahaha, durnas!"
Translation: "Hello, my name is March" "March??? hahaha you loser. Were you even born in march!?" "...no..."
by KitaPuse August 18, 2011
Lithuanian for "T'is raining"

Often characterizing a girl who openly displays her bodily functions.
"Oh wow, lija really hard out there."
"That girl just peed right in front of me! and then stood up and complained how she was constipated" "HAH psh, must've been Lija"
by KitaPuse August 18, 2011
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