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an emotion that is described as feeling strongly for a person, and also describes good meaningful sex!!
'we had mad passionate sex'
by kirsty April 17, 2004
An anal treat, where the finger is inserted into the anus and withdrawn.
David Furnish:hey baby fancy meat and two veg tonite?
elton:nah, a finger of fudge please.

not to be mistaken for;"a finger of fudge is just enough to give the kids a treat"
by kirsty November 19, 2003
an inexplicable disease suffered by aussies, having "lost their wallets" an unsuspecting person picks up the tab, happens in all venues; pubs, niteclubs, shops bus stops etc
hey mate, you wanna drink? oh shit ive lost my wallet, mines a fosters anyway!
by kirsty November 19, 2003
as worn by female knackers, pikeys, atomic kitten etc and kappa tracksuit wearing dogs
Britney Clare:hey Melinda Rose, have you seen these earrings in da catalogue
by kirsty November 19, 2003
the real word for troushe would be an ignorant jackass aka riley hallwood
riley your such a frickin troushe!
by kirsty April 25, 2005
as used by Marlon Brando in Last Tango...
"hey baby, pass da budder"
by kirsty November 19, 2003
feltcher boy
feltcher boy ees a batty shit stabber.
by kirsty November 19, 2003
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