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sometimes used in art (like picasso paintings) guitars have influenced music since the western world. closely related to a predecessor, the lute, guitars consist of 6,7,or 12 strings (i once saw a 42 string guitar..it was nuts) as far as acoustic guitars go, the best acoustic money can buy is either a C.F. Martin, or a Takamine. As far as electrics go: Fender, Gibson, or Paul Reed Smith (PRS) the strings are strummed or plucked either with the bare fingers or a plectrum (pick) to create a pleasing array of tonal masterpieces.
Phil: "I'm playing guitar so i can get laid w00t!"
David: "think with your mind instead of your dick. you'll go far."
Phil: *spontaneously combusts*
by Kirsh November 26, 2004
Penis. It is that lovely device that u fuck with. also called "John Thomas", "Snack", or "Tool"
Would you like some peechnas shnitzel, you whore?
by Kirsh June 04, 2003
The middle seat in the rear of a car, squeezed between two other, more comfortable seats. Similar to the relationship between the actual chota and ones legs.
Adrian: shotgun not chota
Me: Shotgun not chota
Jesse: yeah. nice try. get in there.
Me: fine...*mutters angrily*
by Kirsh January 11, 2005
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