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Refering to the abnormality of a woman's belly sticking out farther than her titties do. Unattractive.
"Man, that bitch's got tittydo!"
by Kirkles December 02, 2004
a woman that has no shame; esp. when in reference to sleeping with guys that know each other; a woman that has been "passed around"; scandalous
"Hey, who's that girl talking to Bob? Is it that re-tread from the party the other night?" "Sure is..."
by Kirkles July 30, 2005
A very descriptive expletive for when one sees an incredibly voluptuous woman,i.e., a "woman with a body built for just one thing!". Deriving from the sound made by very large breasts slapping around during intercourse with said woman.
"Did you see that chica?" "Yea,you mean ja-bloosh?!" "Hell yeah, ja-bloosh!"
by Kirkles January 25, 2005
male homosexual; referring to the line around the anus that resemble the spokes of a wheel, hence anal intercourse would be "spoke busting"
"Did you catch that spoke buster?" "The one in the hot pink shirt? How could I miss him?"
by Kirkles March 01, 2005

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