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That annoying period between inebriation. Can also be avoided by continuously consuming alcohol until dead.
I feel so hungover, pass me that bottle of Butterscotch Schnapps, will you?
by KirbyAtor November 22, 2003
When you cup your testicles during masturbation in order to increase the intensity of the orgasm
It feels twice as good when I cover.
by KirbyAtor November 22, 2003
A term, used mostly at St Aloysius College, Sydney, Australia, to describe the act of cramming as many people into a small space as possible. It's like a flash mob of psychotics
Smack him into the door, bitch. There's a blockage going down!
by KirbyAtor November 22, 2003
A person comprised of 5% Sloth DNA to complement their 95% Human counterpart. You are left with people perfect for the job of toll collector and security guard, to name a few
Dear God, Horatio! I do believe that is an extraterrestrial space craft!
Sorry, Sir, I'm a five percenter. The toll is 50 cents
by KirbyAtor November 22, 2003
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