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The underhanded, low-down understanding a Whore has that a Man is vulnerable to any sort of attack when he is in the Shower or just getting out of the Shower.
"I can't believe the bitch Strauss-Kahned me, running off with my wallet and credit cards as I got into the shower!"
by Kingpin3 August 24, 2011
Attacking, Surprising or Stealing something from someone when they are in or getting out of the Shower.
A vulnerable time for most people, usually naked and unable to reach for a weapon for self-defense.
I can't believe the bitch Shower-Attacked me like Strauss-Kahn! Where is my wallet?
by Kingpin3 August 24, 2011
A) An Arsonist. Usually referred to as an "Arsonist for Hire."
B) A lunatic or pyromaniac on a "fire rampage."
C) A "Serial Arsonist."
D) One who loves to set fires.
Cheap Landlord A: Hey Sam, I wanna get rid of that apartment building of mine. Those tenants can't pay me and no-one wants to buy that rat infested roach trap from me.
Cheap Landlord B: Micky, you know what to do, ask Tony if he knows a "Good Torch" who can get the job done.
by Kingpin3 July 15, 2013
A person who smiles in your face (as in "say cheese") and when you turn your back or your not around he/she stabs you in the back (weasel).
From his vicious arrogant smile I knew right away the car salesman was a real cheese weasel.
by Kingpin3 February 01, 2011
(Yiddish/Slang) A Braggart. A person who always reminds you how "well connected" and "educated" they are. They want you to know they are a high achiever and well off.
Sir Samuel reminded me he knows the Mayor personally and that he'll be at the Senators private party next week. The week afterwards he golfs with his Congressman. What a Shvitzer!
by Kingpin3 November 03, 2011
A Slur for Asian or Chinese Person.
"You want to charge me how much?!? I can go down the block to the Ching Dong and get it for half price!"
by Kingpin3 October 31, 2011
(Yiddish/Slang) A Braggart. A silly person who always has to prove he's a "big shot", important or rich.
Sidney keeps talking about the Crystal Chandelier in his bathroom and his Shiny New Cadillac in his driveway. What a Shvitzer!
by Kingpin3 November 03, 2011
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