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(n) The grey screen in the video game UFC Undisputed.

(vb) grey screened -- to be dazed.
A: damn son that bong rip was huge (laughing)

B: (coughing) yeah dude

A: you're grey screened!
by KingMePLZ December 04, 2009
a combination of eloping and loafing. when 2 lovers express their love but still loaf.
A: Yo have you seen John and Sara recently?

B: Nah son, they've been eloafin all day in the meadows

A: Whack.
by KingMePLZ March 18, 2011
getting high by hitting a homemade parachute; the highest you will possibly get

Originated in the 301: DC metropolitian area, adapted in St. Augustine, FL.
yo, u tryna sky dive?

No wonder yo ass is baked as shit son, you've been sky diving.
by KingMePLZ September 19, 2009
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