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Joe Enoch
kick Ass
That girl has a nice ass, she is pimpamackalicious.
That car is pimpamackalicious.
by King Pimp April 15, 2003
Joe Enoch,
Cool, pimp,
That car is pimpamackalicous.
That girl has a nice ass she is pimpamackalicous.
by King Pimp February 21, 2003
Dean Killan's Favourite Saying Lately
"Alrite Dean!" "hey pal!"
by King Pimp October 15, 2003
getting a piece of ass.
Im gonna stick my cock in this pooter.

Man I can really go for some pooter.
by king pimp April 16, 2003
A phrase u say when you have done something mint and you're complementing yourself.
Hey! I won! The Poppa Diddy Pop! (while pointing at yourself)
by King Pimp September 27, 2003
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