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When one guy sends his friend a link disguised as a funny youtube video, or work document but actually contains gay porn.
Douche: Dude, open this link, its got the HAwttest girls on this site!
Sucker: Oh, ok. *click* AAAH!!MY RETINAS!!!
Douche: Dick Roll`d XD
by King KaRmA April 18, 2009
This word has multiple uses, all of wich involve multiplayer video games:

1)Exclamation: Used when you THINK someone is cheating or hacking.

2)Explanation: Used when you KNOW
someone is cheating or hacking.

3)Fun!: Used when YOUR hacking or cheating and are having fun.
1)Tim:"What the fuck! I just shot this guy in the head with an RPG and he just WALKS AWAY UNHARMED!?!? HAXX!!!!"

2) Eric: "Dude, how did you just walk awat from getting sniped with an rpg?
John: "Haxx. duh!"

3)Tim: "Aha john, you asshole, I just got a lagswitch. haxx :D
by King KaRmA April 20, 2009
An exclamation used when describing an event later, NOT when it is happening. Associated with wtf and ftw it used in later describing disbelief at something.
Tim: "...and I was like 'dick flavored pizza? Fuck the what!"
Eric: "Yeah dude. Too bad im vegan."
by King KaRmA April 19, 2009
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