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The Elitest Class in Punjab... Unfortunately Jatts are hated on by madd hindus cuz Jatts actually look human, while hindus, actually more Gujus than any other type of hindus, resemble rats.
man1-"Damn nigga that Indian got skillz!!"
man2- "don't be stupid homie that aint no regular Indian, thas a Jatt!!"
man1-"WOW they're so seksy and powerful... i wish i was a jatt."
by King April 03, 2005
When one man takes the foreskin of his penis and puts it over another man's penis rubbing up and down until he ejaculates.
Hey Rob, you wanna come shnoodle on saturday night?
by king February 17, 2004
The activity performed in order to establish a relationship and/or acquire sexual favours from a particular target (spade victim).
I spaded her ass. Now I get to tap it!

I am the spade king because chicks spade me!
by King August 18, 2003
the hawain surfer locals
Don't fuck with DA HUI!
by King December 26, 2003
Habboforum.com is a forum come fansite for HabboHotel. It's a place where little weiners who have too much time on their hands go to spam and annoy each other. Many become addicted to the useless information there, never go outside, and waste their lives. More than half the posts there are spam.
mom: dinner is ready son!
boy: sorry mum, i'm on habboforum
*mom puts dinner in bin*
by king March 15, 2005
The act of tucking one's shaft and balls down between their legs, then mooning someone.
That fucking faggot Jason, gave us a Monkey Pussy.
by King January 22, 2004
A guy who scores heaps.
Alastair is a scoreman because he scores Teresa all the time!
by King May 14, 2003

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