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Some who is too normal and set in being normal to understand or comprehend.
Ex) Someone who thinks that emo and goth are the same thing and refuses to accept anything else thus making them a normie.
by Kimmie-Kun September 03, 2011
When 4 or more teens/young adults (ages 15-27 normally) go out and get a part of their body pierced or tattooed.

The rules are simple.

If you go you have something done otherwise you pay for everyone's meal afterwards.

(Since its normally done in large groups the person who does not get anything done is normally called the sucker because they have to pay a HUGE bill)

Originated on the Gulf Coast.
Popular Girl: Me and the clique are haven a piercing party, wanna come?
Popular Girl2: Sure, I've been meaning to get my cartilage pierced, what about you?
Popular Girl: I'm Getting my navel done-oh and I'm getting my snake bites-FINALLY omg I can't wait!
by Kimmie-Kun August 01, 2011
A stupid thing or a stupid person.
Derived from unripe fruit being to "green" to pick, meaning only a stupid person would eat the green fruit.
Man that's so green.
by Kimmie-Kun July 30, 2011
Some who is an attention whore, normally a female. Always whines about herself and never learns her lesson and always goes back on her word, lies through her teeth and acts like the world is against her, and often pretends to be an emo/goth/cutter. Also a very bitter, jealous and clingy person with stalker tendencies.
Girl: Why are you late for class?
Dude:Sorry, that Takilya was stalking me again begging me to go out with her and when I told her no, she freaked out and started screaming lies and cursing the world saying she was going to go cut herself in the bathroom because she 'loved' me. Everyone was looking at me like I attacked her or something!
by Kimmie-Kun July 30, 2011
Another way of saying snake bites. (the piercing)
Dude: Yo just got my viper fangs, ya like?
Girl: Omg yes, they look sooo sexy!
by Kimmie-Kun August 01, 2011

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