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2 definitions by KimberleyJo

Failing at remembering why you said you were going to leave at a certain time, which is usually realized then next day when you actually have to get up for said event.
I am so tired. I should have only stayed out until 9pm like originally planned instead of 10:30. I must have been in a state of curfewsion.
by kimberleyjo August 02, 2011
Boy Hiatus.

The act of taking a break sabbatical from dating/relationships with boys. Usually takes place when one has went through a long period of dating the wrong guys and a break is needed. Can last for any given amount of time.

It is also a good time to figure out what one wants out of life and in essence is the time period of "doing me for a while".
"That last guy I dated was horrible! I'm going on Sabboytical for a while".
by KimberleyJo August 01, 2011