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Something you say in jest when something sounds remotely racist or derogatory.
Man #1: Man, white man can't jump!
Man #2: That's racist!

Man #1: *BURP*
Man #2: That's racist!
by Kilokahn August 11, 2010
Giving physical punishment or comeuppance to a person, typically meaning kicking someone's butt.

Originally coined by the Simpson, this word has gained popularity with the Internet community and is seen on websites and uttered in online games.

This phrase can be found spelled a few ways, including:

Boosta Fazoo
Bart: Burns needs some serious boostafazoo, right Dad?

Guy: Let's gang up on this guy and give him a boost-a-fazoo!
by Kilokahn January 16, 2011
Insomnia induced by taking Zoloft. Usually caused by starting or restarting the medication.
Guy 1: I slept a total of 8 hours over the past week. I feel like a zombie.
Guy 2: Rough, why? Wife put you on the couch?
Guy 1: I got the Zomnia.
by Kilokahn October 07, 2009
A person who cannot wait for the next installment of their favorite movie to have one last adventure with the characters. Lately this has also branched out to video games and TV shows when no direct movie sequel can be created.
Sequel Nerd Comments:

I cannot wait for Tron: Legacy so we can see what happened to Flynn!

Back to the Future: The Game is going to be great, they even got Christopher Lloyd to be the voice of Doc Brown!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was decent but I hope they can make up for it with Indiana Jones 5!
by Kilokahn December 27, 2010
Nothing, or a total lack of.
We've bog all chance of winning without our captain and best player.
by Kilokahn October 24, 2011
To act in a silly manner in order to amuse other people.
Tommy: Everybody, look what I can do! *makes a silly face*
Teacher: Tommy! Stop playing the fool and finish your maths!

Parents: Don't you be a bad boy Johnny, Don't you slip up Or play the fool.
Johnny: Oh no ma, oh no da, I'll be your golden boy. I will obey ev'ry golden rule.
by Kilokahn May 10, 2013
Originally a Smaug MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) command to demote a player (usually to newbie status) and strip and destroy all of their belongings. Currently this is now this is used among MUD (or ex-MUD) players meaning to demote or delete an item/person.
"I'm going to balzhur that copier if it jams one more time!"

"I punched my boss at work because he won't replace the stupid copier, got balzhured."
by Kilokahn January 16, 2014

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