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1. a payment in the form of rape
2. rape currency
3. a payment to another given in the form of unwanted Sex

1. Often exchanged in Prisons
Bob made a deposit in rape dollars to be withdrawn nine months later.
by KillaSmooth September 06, 2006
1. A Band who has at least one sexy female member but she is deeply invovled with someone or married.
2. Band's whose lead singer is hot but completely unattainable.
Sure, Dirt Bike Anne has a girl in the band.... but she's MARRIED!! They're a cock tease band. They tease my cock!
by KillaSmooth September 02, 2006
Verb :
1. To get with the times or current situation.
2. To be knowledgable on relevent subjects or Current events

1. The opposite of out dated

Misc :
1. Often followed by the word brah.
1. Yo, Grandpa you need to stop livin' in da past and young down.

2. Young down, brah.
by KillaSmooth September 01, 2006
1. Vagina
2. Vessel that aborbs or takes in energitic matter

1. Often used to house deposits made in rape dollars.
I totally owe Anna for the fag she bummed me and her kinetic energy absorber is the perfect place for my rape dollar deposit.
by KillaSmooth September 06, 2006

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