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The legendary fire beast, the molten iron monster, and the creamator of the sky. He is the sole reason why there is a music genre known as, "Heavy Metal". He is comprised of steel flesh, burning blood, and an earth shattering roar. He ruled the early ages like an awe inspiring comet. It was because of his burning light, however, that the First Ones plotted to murder him, for they despised to view their own repulsive looks. They had drew him with the innocent melodies of the maiden, Etulia, so that they may drown his ultimate fire. It would only be in his explosive death, though, that he would give off the elements that would make rise to a new era: blood, fire, noise, and metal. He is also heavily featured in the video game "Brutal Legend".
"...and as his blood fell into the belt buckle, up arised an enormous beast. This was Ormagoden, here to demonstrate to the pitiful hordes of men, women, and children what true Heavy Metal looked and sounded."
by Kil Lerown January 24, 2010
Although it goes by many names, Sniper Hill is a common example.
In the map Port Valdez, in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, there is an area near the first Attackers spawn that overlooks the Defenders position. It is this area that almost every player using the Recon kit (aka "Sniper") will dash to, crouch, and proceed to fail at being a worthy team mate what-so-ever. This can be, but not limited to, such actions such as: Attempting to "no-scope"; not spotting enemy positions; failing to understand the "bullet-drop" concept; returning to area after having been knifed/counter-sniped/blown the Hell up/team-killed/any other action that results in their death.
The most socially accepted reason for their doing so is that the "Sniper" has just migrated to Bad Company 2 multiplayer, from Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, where they would win by camping and obtaining killstreaks. They fail to realize, however, that their kill/death ratio will never affect the outcome of an objective based game mode.
On a related note, it is also popular for some Attackers to park their T-90 tank beside Sniper Hill, with the same intention as a "Sniper".
Chimp: "Where's the rest of our team? I mean, we're the only ones tyring to destroy the M-COM station!"
Chump: "They're all using the Recon kit, camping on top of Sniper Hill."
Chimp: "Kind of ironic, since only you and me have any kills whatsoever, let alone points. I hate MW2 noobs!"
by Kil Lerown February 27, 2010
In Left 4 Dead 2, he is the buddy of the survivor, Ellis. He grew up in Savanah with Ellis together, having all sorts of adventures, They were separated when the infection began, but Ellis still brags about his buddy Keith whenever he gets the chance.
Keith has supposedly survived these, as well as several other incidents, as explained by Ellis:
Burned on 90% of his body on multiple occasions.
Thrown through a car windshield breaking both of his legs.
Ran over by his own mower. 90% of his body cut up.
Bombed with chemical, frag, and incinerary bombs.
Stabbed in the back by a ghost, or possibly a hobo.

There is some speculation whether Keith is a real person or not.
"This one time, me and my buddy Keith..."
"Ellis, not the best time."
by Kil Lerown January 07, 2010
A phrase that could be compared to that of "Never Forget, (9/11)" In a nutshell, it means, "The army of Santa Anna (Mexico) took the Alamo, so we'll take their lives!"
One could use it as a sort of motivation for those around them, when a situation seems hopeless.
It is also a movie, based on the same events surrounding Davy Crockett, the Alamo, and the Army of Santa Anna.
"My friends, we must remember the Alamo!"
by Kil Lerown January 03, 2010
A person in a multiplayer video game that will immediately step foot into the nearest helicopter, take to the skies, and dominate opposing players with their inhuman piloting of the helicopter. This can be seen in games such as GTA IV, where the players have access to the "Annihilator" helicopter (and later on in DLC, the more revered "Buzzard" helicopter), and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, in which a self-proclaimed pilot and gunner duo will jump in an attack helicopter, such as the AH64 Apache or the MI28 Havoc, and proceed to destroy the opposing team's vehicles, bases, other helicopters, and the individual players. Chopper whores are commonly disliked by a games community, because they tend to ruin the fun that could be had in a game.
Dude, look at this guy's stats! You see how many kills he has?

Yeah, that's only because he's a chopper whore.
by Kil Lerown November 07, 2010
A flash program created by Dr. Noob and Skipper Lee. Often abbreviated as "PMG". It basically has a ton of preset weapons and parts, and allows users to fully customize a weapon, create some sort of hybrid, or make a new gun entirely. It comes with many popular guns, such as the M4, AK47, M200, and many more, and has various weapon parts, ranging from simple barrels and flash hiders, to complex iron sights and fore grips.
There are two versions to the program, simply dubbed as the "Old" and "New" versions. The Old version has many more options, including shotguns, pistols, and various sub-machine guns, but the New version, while very complex and hard to master, offers more abilities to customize or create new weapons, especially the ability to change colors and modify the appearance of guns with shapes. An interesting note is that the user's imagination is the limit; some have created cars, tanks, ships, helicopters, and even people and characters, with only the program itself.
Because it's the same idea as playing with LEGOs, some look down on the program and it's users, for not having the skill to draw their own gun. This does not stop them, however, from faithfully creating new weapons, and recreating old ones, and showing them off in various internet groups, such as on Facebook or Deviant Art.
Look man, I made the Grav' Hammer from Halo 3 on Pimp My Gun!
by Kil Lerown July 07, 2010
Fancy Way: Usually, a ridiculously simple disagreement between two or more people under the intoxicating effects of alchohol, that is quicky changed into a brawl. The reasons may vary, but anything can be offensive to an alchohl impaired mind. These fights will more often than not take place in a bar, pub, club, or any public facility that offers alcholic beverages. In any case, anyone involved in the brawl may be immediatly thrown out of the premises by bouncers, and will 1) continue the fight, or 2) forget what happened and attempt to limp home.

Sucka' Way: When two drunk dudes get pissed at each other for some bull shit over sports, get up, or a chicken wing. They'll try to knock each other out, but will probably get the shit kicked out of them by some guy who's bigger and more sober than they are. They can be entertaining to watch, depending on who's fighting, which bar it is, and whether the Raiders or the Steelers won the game.
Jack: *moan* What the hell happened last night? Ow...
Mac: Shit, you don't remember? You got in a bar fight with some fucker who's a mixed martial artist or some shit. Man, you were so fucking drunk, your head was spinning BEFORE he hook'd ya'!
by Kil Lerown January 19, 2010

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