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When someone is being a general tit, or a cock.
Jonni u big gay bear, shut the fuck up!
by Kieran 'the legend' Morris December 06, 2005
This unatural 'disorder' can affect both men and Women, who is too /ugly/lazy/fat/smelly or generally repulsive who has raging desires for "a bit o' cock"

People like this normally live alone or with their paretns until they die/marry. If they do have a partener, he or she is normally disabled/dead/just as fat/blind.

These people are to be avoided at ALL costs, they are dangerous too us all, every one of us.
"ooo watch out! Its that cock fiend from up the road!"
"Jonni u big cock fiend!"
by Kieran 'the legend' Morris December 06, 2005

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